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University of Ontario Institute of Technology - UOIT Library Pond

Parkwood Estates - 270 Simcoe Street N



Legend Centre Facility - 1661 harmony Road North

Features 4 NHL-sized ice pads, a spectacular Leisure Pool and Waterslide, Gymnasium, Fitness centre, 

Elevate indoor walking track and Program Rooms.  The Legends Centre is also home to the 

newest Oshawa Public Library Branch and the Oshawa Senior Citizens Centres Branch.


The City of Oshawa

            Originally used as a trading post by the French to trade fur with the Indians of Mississauga.  Oshawa official became a town in 1850 when the government agreed to build a Post office for the residents.  Stuck on a name for the town, the residents asked for the input of two natives who where passing through.  The natives recommend the name Oshawa, meaning the that point at the crossing of the stream where the canoe was exchanged for the trail, the people immediately agreed with the natives and a the town was born. Population of 290,937 and growing.

The Town Of Courtice


The Area of Courtice was first settled in the late 18th century, and Courtice takes its name from one of the early families in the area. In the mid 19th century a post office with the name and rail connections became available on both the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk main lines which passed south near Lake Ontario. Courtice continued to be primarily a small rural village well into the 20th century, housing developments beginning in the mid 1980’s caused the population to quickly grow from approximately 1,500 to over 20,000. By the mid 1990’s growth in the town of Courtice slowed somewhat, new housing developments are continuing and the area remains popular due to relatively low prices. The current population of Courtice is Over 20,000 and growing.

Bed & Breakfast


The White House Bed & Breakfast Carnegie Hall Bed & Breakfast
494 King Street E, Oshawa 688 Carnegie Ave, Oshawa
Phone: 905-579-0062  Or 289-404-1247 Phone: 905-433-4569    Or 1-866-769-3287


Anderson House Bed & Breakfast Emerson Manor
120 Columbus, Oshawa 132 Stevenson Road N, Oshawa
Phone: 905-655-5264    Or 905-440-5856 Phone: 905-579-3766    Or 1-877-696-3269


Bett's Bed & Breakfast Pine Ridge Motel
71 Pinedale Cres, Courtice 1607 Highway 2, Courtice
Phone: 905-723-3075 Phone: 905-436-2080




Rainbow Restaurant

Eggs Crepe Restaurant

82 Simcoe Street N, Oshawa

633 King Street E, Oshawa

Phone: 905-728-6463

Phone: 905-725-0248


Wimpy's Diner

Teddy's Restaurant & Deli

461 Park S, Oshawa

223 King Street W, Oshawa

Phone: 905-432-7222

Phone: 905-579-5529



Euro Chef Johnny's Original Eatery
28 King Street E, Oshawa 850 King W , Oshawa
905-434-3784 Phone: (905) 576-7748



Dines Family Restaurant

El Stavros Steak House

400 King Street W, Oshawa

557 King Street E, Oshawa

Phone: 905-723-5951

Phone: 905-576-6999



Fazio's Restaurant & Wine Caribbean Queen Restaurant
33 Simcoe Street S, Oshawa 68 King Street W, Oshawa
Phone: 905-571-3042 Phone: 905-579-6230


Casey's Bar & Grill Chinese Garden
1155 Ritson Road S, Oshawa 300 Taunton Road E, Oshawa
Phone: 905-579-6877 Phone: 905-438-8808


Chicago Diner Blues & Jazz Mandarin Restaurant
926 Simcoe Street N, Oshawa 1319 Airport Blvd, Oshawa
Phone: 905-436-9191 Phone: 905-432-3000


Courtyard Restaurant Lickity Splitz
1437 King Street E, Courtice 1403 King Street E, Courtice
Phone: 905-404-0251 Phone: 905-404-1017


Swiss Chalet Chicken & Ribs Cafe Riche
1427 King Street E, Courtice 1450 Highway 2, Courtice
Phone: 905-571-4588 Phone: 905-438-9080


Barbados North Tanglewood Steakhouse-Tavern
1413 King Street E, Courtice 1540 Highway 2, Courtice
Phone: 905-728-9765 Phone: 905-436-2069


Buenos Aires Restauant Williams Coffee Pub
2 Glenabbey Drive, Courtice 1414 King Street E, Courtice
Phone: 905-728-4561 Phone: 905-743-0100


Fisherman's Fish & Chips
2727 Courtice Road, Courtice
Phone: 905-433-9414




New Life Seventh-Day Adventist St. George's Anglican
33 Olive Avenue, Oshawa 51 Centre Street S, Oshawa
Phone: 905-404-9357 Phone: 905-723-7875


Oshawa Community Church Church of the Good Shepherd
71 Simcoe Street S, Oshawa 300 Court Street, Oshawa
Phone: 905-725-5946 Phone: 905-433-2500


Centennial Albert United Church Greek Orthodox Church
19 Rosehill Blvd, Oshawa 261 Bloor Street E, Oshawa
Phone: 905-725-8621 Phone: 905-728-5965


Fountain of Life Community Church Family Worship & Outreach Center
1204 Wecker Drive, Oshawa 900 King Street E, Oshawa
Phone: 905-571-6985 Phone: 905-434-2876


Holy Cross Roman Catholic First Baptist Church
373 Simcoe Street S, Oshawa 812 Hortop Street, Oshawa
Phone: 905-723-5259 Phone: 905-725-3962


St. Therese Catholic Church Ebenezer United Church
3800 Courtice Road N, Courtice 1669 Courtice Road, Courtice
Phone: 905-436-2126 Phone: 905-436-2058


Courtice Baptist Church Jehovah's Witnesses
1660 Highway 2, Courtice 1518 Nash Road, Courtice
Phone: 905-436-3482 Phone: 905-723-9988


Joshua Tree Ministries St. Martin's Anglican Church
2878 Trulls Road, Courtice 72 Blackcreek Trail, Courtice
Phone: 905-435-9967 Phone: 905-434-6936


Rine Ridge Bible Chapel St. Anthony Roman Catholic
397 Townline Road N, Courtice 1711 Bloor Street, Courtice
Phone: 905-434-6426 Phone: 905-404-8514


Funeral Homes


Armstrong Funeral Home Ltd. McIntosh-Anderson Funeral
124 King Street E, Oshawa 152 King Street E, Oshawa
Phone: 905-433-4711 Phone: 905-433-5558


Oshawa Funeral SVC Courtice Funeral Chapel
847 King Street W, Oshawa 1587 Highway 2, Courtice
Phone: 905-721-1234 Phone: 905-432-8484




General Motors Centre
99 Athol Street East, Oshawa
General Inquiries Call 905-438-8881 Ext 0
Website: www.generalmotorscentre.com          Email: info@generalmotorscentre.com


Robert McLaughlin Gallery
72 Queen Street, Civic Centre, Oshawa
Phone: 905-576-3000
Website: www.rmg.on.ca


Durham College/UOIT Campus Tennis Centre
50 Conlin Road West, Oshawa
For More Info Email ken.crosina@durhamc.on.ca
Website: www.campustenniscentre.com


Friends Of Second Marsh

The SECOND MARSH WILDLIFE AREA is a 123 ha coastal wetland located in the southeast portion of Oshawa, (Regional Municipality of Durham), Ontario, Canada.  The combination of Second Marsh with the adjacent areas of McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve and Darlington Provincial Park represents nearly 400 hectares, one of the largest publicly accessible waterfront spaces available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  It is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in a major urban center, and is unique in being the largest remaining wetland in the GTA.

The Second Marsh Wildlife Area is host to marsh, swamp, wet meadows, a barrier beach and woodlot habitats.  Within the Marsh, you will find sedges and cattails as well as thickets and open water.  At the north end of the Marsh, a swamp and wet forest known as the Ghost Road Bush provides additional food and cover for certain wildlife.  Together, with wet meadows and the surrounding uplands, this dynamic ecosystem supports a rich and diverse wildlife community.  These habitats provide food and cover for over 380 plant species, 305 bird species, numerous species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and hundreds of species of insects.

Phone: 905-723-5047          Email: friendsofsecondmarsh@rogers.com




Jacqueline Bonnici La Hay

Mompreneur - Affordable Make-Me Up Parties, Regal, Avon
jlahay@gmail.com          905 434-7462



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